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The Lighthouse Point

Turning this 3 bedroom family bungalow positioned at the end of a cul-de-sac canal, the aim was to expand its horizons & lighting through improved  windows and access bringing all service areas to 21st century expectations; including an outdoor spa package with shower, BBQ and toilet facilities in a disused side entrance area.

The Lighthouse Project

Lighthouse Point Estate Waterfront

Commanding a prominent position in corner plot, with wide mooring for a 100 ft yacht, this 5000 ft  home required a modern twist without losing its established understated prominence.  A thorough ground up rebuild has revitalized its original features including new glazing, floors, rooms proportionate to needs, kitchen and bathrooms designed for comfort and ease of application.

Fort Lauderdale

Sunny Isles

A modest collapsing house was replaced by a bauhauesque 6 bedroom 5000 ft modern family home only 2 minutes from the beach.  Its key design aim was  the light and space afforded upon entering, also featuring a generous pool and several common living areas, connected by a glazed Italian made stairway structure as its central focal point; unique to all Miami & Sunny Isles residences.

Sunny Isles
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